Thursday, March 26, 2015

[blog] The Rut...

Since I began working part-time in December, I have felt the desire to start blogging more. It isn't a secret that I haven't maintained the blog consistently for the 4+ years that I have been writing. Needless to say, I have more time on my hands now and would like to establish a routine.

I texted with my dear, sweet college roommate this evening, Laura, who blogs over at Pretty Little House. Seriously, go check her out. She has the cutest/classiest style for the home! Anyhoo, she said I should be a fashion blogger due to my Instagram posts and Pinterest pins. I thought that was such a sweet compliment! However, I don't feel ::called:: to be solely a fashion blogger. I enjoy blogging about family life, our travels, home/diy decor, and things of the like. She then suggested I could call myself a "lifestyle" blogger because "that is a thing"! Ha! Love her.

So consider me a "lifestyle" blogger. I believe the blog name "Everyday with the Jays" creates the perfect groundwork for a lifestyle blog. However, I most definitely do NOT blog every day! In the coming week(s), I hope to establish a schedule (I'm thinking of posting MWF) with post ideas already planned week(s) in advance. Here's to hoping!
So for today, I would like to know:

Who reads this blog?
What are your stats (age/status/season of life)?
What do you enjoy reading about?

It says I have 210 followers, but I'm sure many of those don't read the blog. I follow my fave bloggers through "Bloglovin", so if you'd like to keep up with me there, here's the link.

Here are my answers:

I'm Chrissy at Everyday with the Jays
I am 28. I am married. We have no kids but are enjoying life as a twosome with two pups.
I enjoy reading about Christ, fashion, easy DIYs, thriftiness, and travel.

Do share, and let me know who reads! Expect some blog layout changes in the coming week(s) as well. Thanks Laura for giving me a push: love you boo!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

[life] I Can't Live Without... My Favorite Wine #1

[participating in a link-up over at ...for Lauren and Lauren: join us! building up the blogging community once again]

For Lauren & Lauren

Now, for starters, let me clarify. I, as a Christian, am not of this world. Material possessions are just that: MATERIALS. They will not last nor will they sustain us for life. Only Christ can do that: if you would like more information on how to build a loving and lasting relationship with our one true God, please PLEASE let me know! I would love to share!

Point two: this series with Katie (and there's another gal doing it too at Pursuit of Pink) is titled "I Can't Live Without...", which is a way to share with fellow bloggers things they currently like or enjoy. So I am going to post in that regards: these are things I can most definitely live without (see paragraph above) but they are things that I truly do enjoy and think are worth their cost.

Clear as mud? Am I being that person? It's okay :) Read on!

Okay, by the looks of these photos, it makes it look like I drink... a lot. But I really don't. I shared these photos to show what I LIKE to drink, which is mainly water. 99% of the time. But I have been known to order a fruity drink on a cruise, a margarita at a Mexican restaurant, or down some hot chocolate when it is BEYOND FREEZING outside.

But this week's post is not about any of these things.

This week, I would like to share the thing I'm enjoying the most (well, besides water: water is THE best)... this wine from... WALMART. I know, high class up in here. It is the Beringer Pink Moscato. Yum!

Its cost: $4.97. Yep! I am not that big of a drinker, like I stated above, but we have some really awesome wineries down in our area of Texas (South TX), so I'm slowly learning to figure out what I like in regards to wine. I am in no way a red wine person... far, farrrr too dry for my taste. So far, I know I like Sweet White and Pink Moscato. This wine was first given to me by a girlfriend at her home. It's great for beginners! And you feel classy/grown up at the same time. Ha!

This will be a weekly series shared by Katie, so head over to her blog to read what everyone else is currently enjoying. Who knows? Maybe next week I'll share a favorite clothing item, book, or restaurant...


Have a great week!